Blank pages…

A first post is a blank page, you’re never sure where to start. No matter how many ideas are floating in your head, every single one fades to the edges of your memory as soon as your confronted with the unrelenting blankness of a beginning.

I have a lot of expectations for what this blog will be someday but someday is a long way off. I suppose I just want to push past the barrier of a first post and then it won’t be quite so scary.

At the moment, all this blog/website is is a collection of ideas and dreams, I suppose I could write them down so if someone does happen upon this page they don’t just think I’m rambling nonsense!

Solely, this blog is about;

  • Horses – all about them; riding, keeping, little tips and help
  • Arts & Crafts
  • My someday dream to own a farm and be a vet

At the moment, it’s just a blank page. Hopefully hidden in the shadows of the internet until it’s ready to be shown to the world.

That one big leap over, let’s get to the fun bit.


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