So, unsure of where to start for this blog. I decided to start at the very beginning, at the very basics of crafting. This article is about the place where craft happens…

Every super villain needs a lair to perform their evil deeds. And crafters do too.

Welcome…┬áTo my craft lair.


Every crafter has a craft lair. Whether your terrible schemes take up a whole room or just the corner of one. You must have one! Maybe it’s just the corner of a desk, or a couple of drawers under your bed… its there. And it’s messy. If it’s not, you must be one of those amazing people who are naturally organised and in that case,┬ástop reading this article and go read something that will make your lair messy!

So, to the most disorganised of us (of which I am one) here is all about how to organise your evil lair!

We recently scored a room to take over with our evil crafting schemes. It was originally a storage room so it was a big job to organise it! But we managed it and now our lair is truly organised and mostly tidy (but probably not for long)!

Our organised Craft lair

Our organised Craft lair

To organise your crafting lair, you gotta know what you use it for. Are you gonna be sewing? Cooking? Paper crafting? All of the above and more?

So, we organised our lair by whats in it (which is a LOT) We have a draw for fabric, for sewing….




And we used these snazzy labels

(The labels are just printed words on some groovy scrapbook paper, super easy to make and look pretty cool)

Even our papers are organised by colour!

Even our papers are organised by colour!

I am kidding, obviously. Your craft lair doesn’t need to look like it has come out of a magazine! Living and working in clutter is one of the things I do best!





No-one has a picture perfect craft lair unless they never use it, and using it is the important bit!

So stop fretting about the tidiness of your lair, it doesn’t matter as long as you can hide it behind something, just get out there and craft, I’m sure your brother/wife/husband/boyfriend/cousin/roommate won’t mind the mess as long as you create amazing things with it, which is what crafting is about!

Stay Crafty

Kazzie Clipston

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